ArkeoDok, the small culture history company with the big ambitions! Time to once again make available the history of the island of Gotland! The aim of this homepage is to give information about the history of Gotland, and the ongong archaeological research carried out by us for many years.

The main focus is on the Iron Age landscape, meaning land use and settlement, mainly from the Viking Age and early Middle Ages.

Creating history, sometimes could mean to publish earlier reports, research documents etc, and the first step towards new knowledge means to make reports etc available. That is what I will do at this site in coming months, first of all to make available all reports from earlier excavations and investigations, manily on Gotland, but also on the mainland of Sweden. Reports from ArkeoDok is a list of earlier reports from our work, mainly in Swedish for time being, but over time, more and more in English. 

Next page will be reports and research papers more directly connected to Viking Age history, often as a result from our field courses carried out on Gotland since 1998. Just take your time to browse through the reports, and hopefully you will find something of interest.

PhD, Associate Professor Dan Carlsson

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